Sunday, February 21, 2010


I'm working on a number of stories at the moment. One of the problems I run into, is I often switch between stories, which requires an even bigger leap between genres, while at the same time maintaining the necessary literary tone of each story, whether it be humorous, dark, or mundane. Sometimes this precipitates a curious amalgam of writing styles, as well as me referring to characters by the wrong name (i.e. taking my fantasy story knight, and throwing him into a world dominated by translucent, incorrigible aliens called Forkies). It's probably not the best habit, but if I get bored with one story, I have to leave it be, or else the plot progression becomes so banal I think of trunking the whole thing. I'm currently writing two stories, and figuring out a third in my head. The latter being my favorite, as I think my stories always work better in theory than in reality. I'm getting real acquainted with procrastination at the moment. I have to finish this story...but I think I'm going to play Mass Effect 2 instead.

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